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15+ Years of Track Record with

Start-ups & Global Brands


Looking to unlock New Growth Opportunities in B2B?

I help Startups and Tier 1 Brands with the development of the Customer and Partner Network. The fuel of Organic and Sustainable Growth of every business. This process is generated by a Discussion that should always revolve around The Value your Company brings to its New Partners.   
I will help initiate it in order to enable you to discover the exceptional growth opportunities the European Market    has to offer.   

The Identity

A B2B Sales Consultant is a Sales Professional that after many years of skill, mindset, and attitude development has mastered all elements of his Profession, preferably across different market sectors to become an Expert. 

To truly excel in the field of Sales, a Consultant must possess a deep understanding of the sales process, marketing, and communication, and how they interact with business development. Achieving expertise in all these areas is challenging, and only the best consultants can accomplish it.

The value of an experienced Sales Consultant to any organization is immense. They can help businesses to increase their revenue and growth by providing insights, strategic guidance, and effective sales techniques. Additionally, they can improve customer relationships, build brand awareness, and help companies to stay ahead of their competition.




You are looking to launch your business rapidly or have been noticing significant changes: low sales, losing ground against competitors, or losing major clients? 

it’s time to begin the conversation around hiring a Sales Consultant.  His experience and skills will help you come up with innovative Sales strategies to revive your business.

Professional Growth & Career Development

I reside in the Netherlands however my roots are traced to Greece. The last 15 years of my activity in International B2B Sales and exposure to very heterogeneous market sectors have given me a clear answer and unique perspective on how Start-Up and Tier 1 businesses grow and have shaped me professionally.

My journey started back in 2007 in the Pharmaceutical sector. In 2010 I've reached a key milestone by becoming a Partner of two of the world's largest and most respected Pharmaceutical Brands. Pfizer and Sanofi.

The amazing opportunity to work at the highest level enriched my perspective and understanding of B2B Services Sales immensely since I didn't only receive six-figure Purchase Orders within 6 months of intense work but I was also responsible for Managing the Projects from the start to finish.

In the Pharmaceutical sector I have managed effectively the full Sales Cycle adapted to changes in a fast-paced environment, and overcame obstacles in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction. 

In 2010 it was time for me to apply these skills in a new field. Sustainability in the same way as healthcare has a huge impact on the welfare of humanity.

Read more about my career in Sustainability over the last 11 years and why the wealth of B2B Services & Product Sales expertise I bring can have a decisive impact on helping you grow your business.

Discover my Clients & Partners

B2B Sales is not a random act.

It is an Art  that each and

every one of its elements  should be mastered.

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One of the world's largest Pharmaceutical companies based in New York USA

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