The Netherlands. The Jewel in the European Solar Crown and a country 3 times smaller than New York.

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The Netherlands is a country 3 times smaller than New York, inhabited by 17 million people.

At the same time is a Top 10 solar market globally ranking 4th biggest in Europe behind Spain , Germany and Ukraine, countries with 3 times higher population and 8 to 12 times larger land area , with the country's solar market  enjoying one of the fastest , if not the fastest,  growth rates in the continent with an average of 45%.

70% of Dutch are supporting residential solar as a preferred energy source with the Dutch government being determined to be emission free by 2050.

Solar Energy is one of the major contributors in achieving this goal while by 2023, already 2 gigawatt-peak of floating power will  have been realized.

The Netherlands will bui