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Helping Brands in
the Sustainability  sector unlock their true potential.


Whether you are running a Start-Up or a Mature company, your challenges to remain competitive and develop your business further are many. Developing your Business is basically a balancing act in which you are expected to balance your urge and need to generate profit vs the development of a sustainable Business Partner Network.

The absolute Key factor in this process is your Client Network, or in other words your ability to identify and attract Buyers for your Product or Service. Growing your client network is not enough as you also need to ensure that your clients remain active.

I will use my skills experience and in-depth knowledge of the Dutch and Belgium solar markets in order to help your business increase its Sales revenue in two of the most exciting and fastest growing European solar markets and provide advise on adjusting selling prices by monitoring costs, competition, and supply and demand helping you understand  and overcome challenges and devise a customized strategy to allow you to meet your Sales goals in order to grow successfully and most importantly profitably.

Blurred Business People


Start-Up & Scale-Ups in need of a Hands-On approach 
   for the design of an impactful Sales Strategy 
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